Latest Updates:

08/08/2022 (Splashpage): Layout has been completely revamped once again, because I still needed to find my layout peace. We getting pretty close. :P The splash is now also responsive, mobile friendly and hosts more "fun" sections. Have a look around before diving into the mainsite!

25/07/2022 (Mainsite): More fanarts added, the Lore section has been updated, the About The Author section now has more adopted web plushies + fanlists; also, new Affiliates and webring have showed up!

12/07/2022 (Mainsite): Added a new traditional pic on the dedicated gallery.

09/07/2022 (Splashpage): We have a music player now! Enjoy the playlist chosen by yours truly.

05/07/2022 (Mainsite): New digital illustration, new fanart, and a bunch of new recieved giftart added to their respective sections. Also, currently hosting a giveaway on Twitter!

28/05/2022 (Mainsite): 2.0 is live! Added a completely new layout with several improvements. The site is now responsive, 100% compatible with all browsers and mobile, features more menus and pagination, allows for easier future editing.

28/05/2022 (Splashpage): Splashpage is live! Features link to homepage, gallery of previous layouts/splashes, awards gallery, linkouts, and a collection of my fav old sites.

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