Latest Updates:

29/09/2022 (Mainsite): New traditional pic featuring my Alkaline in the appropriate section; a whole lot of VN banners are now available! Choose your fav when you affiliate! New fanarts also added, mostly previous avatars.

22/09/2022 (Mainsite): Added a new digtial pic in the dedicated gallery. Also updated my web badges section on the right menu, it's less awkward and more animated now. Adopted a few more Dragonites salvaged from the Wayback Machine. Added a new affy (PandaJenn) and a new webring (FurRing). Maybe later today I'll be able to add something more to the splashpage?

08/09/2022 (Mainsite): Added a new entry in the Journal section.

06/09/2022 (Mainsite): New Program animation added to the dedicated gallery!

02/09/2022 (Mainsite): New picture added in the illustration section.

14/08/2022 (Splashpage): One of the songs in my player was giving 105 error so I had to update the link. YouTube, stop deleting videos! èwé Also, a few more banners in my Link Out and Anime sections have appearead. How could I forget that I fully watched Fushigi No Umi No Nadia??

14/08/2022 (Mainsite): Some minor "patch fixes" all around. Tweaked the F.A.Q. page with better worded answers, tidied up the other webs section so all external pages related to LWY are instead listed in the dedicated page. Travel menu at the top now leads to my Neocities profile instead of FB, cos screw Facebook entirely. Added a few more recieved fanarts for good measure.

08/08/2022 (Splashpage): Layout has been completely revamped once again, because I still needed to find my layout peace. We getting pretty close. :P The splash is now also responsive, mobile friendly and hosts more "fun" sections. Have a look around before diving into the mainsite!

25/07/2022 (Mainsite): More fanarts added, the Lore section has been updated, the About The Author section now has more adopted web plushies + fanlists; also, new Affiliates and webring have showed up!

12/07/2022 (Mainsite): Added a new traditional pic on the dedicated gallery.

09/07/2022 (Splashpage): We have a music player now! Enjoy the playlist chosen by yours truly.

05/07/2022 (Mainsite): New digital illustration, new fanart, and a bunch of new recieved giftart added to their respective sections. Also, currently hosting a giveaway on Twitter!

28/05/2022 (Mainsite): 2.0 is live! Added a completely new layout with several improvements. The site is now responsive, 100% compatible with all browsers and mobile, features more menus and pagination, allows for easier future editing.

28/05/2022 (Splashpage): Splashpage is live! Features link to homepage, gallery of previous layouts/splashes, awards gallery, linkouts, and a collection of my fav old sites.

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