This is the place where I'll build a virtual CD shelf. Growing up I used to follow my father's steps and start a CD collection of my own, though overtime technologies have evolved and with it, our listening habits have changed as well. Nowadays I like to listen to entire albums or playlists on YouTube, but many either get deleted or I forget about them overtime (I never got the hang of saving stuff on my YT account!). So, I've decided to list them here instead.
A lot of these tracks and compilations will have very different genres, so don't be surprised if you find, I dunno, vaporwave stuff alongside Motley Crue's albums. xD
I'll try to give my gallery some idea of organization, but the general jist here is that I can link randomly so I don't forget later!


80s Pop
Aretha Franklin & George Michael - I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me). Can't get any more 80s than this!
Holly Johnson - Love Train. Another feel good song with a feel better video!
E.G.Daily - One Way Love (Better Off Dead). I first came across this song in a very old Flash animation (feel old yet?) and took me a bit to find it!
Was Not Was - Walk The Dinosaur. Came across this tune for the first time while visiting TF2Chan. Ah, sweet memories!
Wax - Bridge To Your Heart. Not only this song is absolute good vibes, but I also love every single graphic style of the video!

Eric Burdon - Sixteen Tons. In my opinion, the only version slow and dragging enough to actually feel the title's weight!
The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone. Came to know about this track with the movie "The Nice Guys". Can't resist those 70s sounds xD

Captain - Space Debris. The first Mod music I came across, downloaded for the first time from Lori Central! Oh The memories!
Elwood - Deadlock. Another track I originally downloaded from Lori Central and listened to over and over on my ModPlug player.

Pop Rock
Scissor Sisters - Filthy Gorgeous (Extended Mix). One of my favs from this band and it has so many mixes! I'll probably collect them all here.
Vitalic - My Friend Dario. It is legally required to go crazy with air guitar as soon as you hear this chorus!

Leisure Suit Larry Wet Dreams Don't Dry Full OST. For some reason the only upload of the entire OST is in russian?
Windows 95/98 Ambient Game Mix. One nice mix of relaxing tracks from both classics and lesser known titles for Win95/98.

Enrik Jonsson's 75 Minutes Relaxing Synth Mix. The first synth playlist I've come across on the net!
Gunship - Dark All Day (Instrumental). My favourite version. Let the sax do the singing!

Utopian Scholastic
Daniel White - Pangeapedia Plus. A vaporwave instrumental album inspired by edutainment programs of the 90s such as Encarta.