You made it, web traveller! You are now surfing on the shores of Valyce Negative's Neocities site, version 2.0!

Where's the splashpage?
I realized making a Neocities profile just to have a splashpage for my mainsite was redundant, so now this corner of the web is dedicated to everything that doesn't fit either my VN portfolio nor my Tumblr gaming diary: here you will find shrines dedicated to my Dragonite and Game Boy collections, reviews (uh, more like retropsectives) on animation and shows I either used to watch or revisited recently, collections of music lists so I don't lose them again, tons of blinkies (let's face it, who doesn't love them) plus a few quirky thingies and some of my favourite places of the web. One relaxed corner of Internet where I have fun with HTML and CSS, to sum it up. Enjoy exploring, and if you like my ramblings and they have convinced you to look at my artings (guess what, I also draw!) please remember to also check my domain. See ya!


  • April 21st 2024: It took me ages but FINALLY the Pokèmon shrine is complete. Whew! What a load of text that was! I kept writing and more and more things to talk about kept popping up. While completing its chapters, I also found the time to add more tracks to the CD shelf, ultimate the Dragonite shrine with my collection pictures (time to acquire more Dragonite toys!) and add a plethora of quiz results in the Quiz results section. Now it's time to tackle the Gaming shrine... wish me luck!

  • April 5th 2024: There's been some updates over the weeks. Namely:
    The TV section now has their landing pages complete. Next up will be filling up pages of the individual series, but that will come later after I have the rest of the sections at least at their initial stage.
    The Music section is also showing pretty much all it's intended to show, so at this point I can consider them complete; gotta remember to add more links to the CD shelf though, but that can come eventually in a more natural way while listening to more music.
    I've started off the Gaming section with the Dragonite Shrine, which is 90% complete: I just have to take pics of my individual collection items!
    That's all for now, but I'm happy of the shape this little corner is taking!

  • March 18th 2024: Sitely section pages are now complete with webmaster bio (if you can call it that), a little chronology of all the galleries I've managed, a small page to get my affiliate banners from and a credits disclaimer for the graphics that don't belong to me but still show up on the site. Check'em!

  • March 14th 2024: Site opens! Menu doesn't work, like, at all. xD I'm only working on the whole layout and design of the page. Affies work though, go give them a visit!